Friday, June 28, 2013

The One With June's Friday Photo Dump

Did you know that June is the best month ever???  Here are a few reasons why we loved this year's June...

This month started with one of the best weekends I've had in a long time.  
Part of what made it so much fun was going wedding dress shopping with one of my cousins on her birthday.  It was so fun to spend time with these 3 amazing ladies!  I honestly don't remember anything else I did that weekend, I just remember thinking the whole weekend that it was such a good one.

A few days later we went to visit Rick at work (downtown) again.  
Do you see those men clear up on the temple?!?

Paige started Horse Therapy this month.  
It's a free service done by Resolution Horse Company.  It's been so awesome for her, she loves it & she loves talking about it just as much.  It's so pretty there & I love to watch her.  It's been fun for both of us.  She rides on ponies named Dixie & Hope.  Just the other day they started working on 's' sounds (as per my request) and she's already been improving (in less than 48 hours! Go Paige!).  

Lindsey turned 6 months old this month!  
She's had quite the month.  She's rolling everywhere & so close to crawling it's not even funny.  Okay, okay... it's a little bit funny when she lunges forward while she's on all fours, but don't tell her I said that!  She's also learned how to get into the sitting position all by herself.

I think she's officially started teething.  She's had a few fussy days lately, runny nose, and she's also started nursing... well, differently.  :)  I can't see or feel anything in there yet, so hopefully they come soon so she can get it over with!

She also just started fake coughing & playing copy cat games with it.  I love it.

She started eating baby cereal & she seems to love it.  I think she knows it's a big girl thing...

Sometimes she even attacks the spoon before I can even get it in her mouth.  Now that's funny!

She started sleeping on her stomach (and for some reason I think it's adorable)...

She put a hole in both toes of some rather new pjs... ???

We took her swinging for her first time (she loved it & Paige loved pushing her... is that a bad sign or good sign??)...

Oh yeah, and we busted out her swimming suits a couple of times.  Once in our make-shift pool... (you likey?) and once in a real pool (Thanks Barbie!) where Paige was even kind of jumping in the pool... that's big for her!

My brother also made it into town.  I love having him & his family here.  
One of his sons decided to be baptized up here with my other nephew.  It was a really neat experience & of course so much fun to be with my family.

While he was here we also all went on a family vacation.
We went to another one of my brother's cabin up at Flaming Gorge.  Most everyone was able to float down the Green River.  Paige & Rick went & Paige fell asleep by the end of the 2 hour ride.  I don't know how Rick paddled one handed while holding her!  Z & I stayed back so that we could meet everyone at the end.  I wasn't about to risk being stuck on a raft with a 6 month old in a life jacket.  No sir.  

While we were at Flaming Gorge, we celebrated my birthday.  It was so neat to celebrate it with my whole family!  Everyone (including all of the little kids) wrote me the cutest cards & Rick took me out to dinner.  Oh yeah... and I got a nap!  :)  

We also had a lot of fun this month goofing around...

Dressing up...

Playing with our new baby that can go in the bath... 


And my personal favorite... cuddling!!

Oh yeah, and we also enjoyed going to lots of family parties, spending LOTS of time with our extended family, and living it up in the sun before it gets too hot.  I love June!  

See??  How can you not agree that June is the best month?  
(unless you are Rick & are a little obsessed with football... :))


*Update* After I posted this, Lindsey started to crawl!  Wahoo!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The One Where My Baby Is Growing Up!

Oh, sweet Baby Z... Lindsey turned 6 months old yesterday.  I know everybody says it, so I'll get it out of the way now... She's growing up way too fast!  Although I adore this age, I still miss the newborn stage (I know I'm crazy, but I can't get enough of that tiny, cuddly, sleepy baby stage).

Lindsey had a little bit of a hard patch, but she's come out of it nicely.  She's so beautiful & happy & fun.  She's rolling all over the place, and if I dare, I might even say she's just about army crawling. She keeps getting up on her knees but doesn't stay there for long.  I love making her smile & laugh & especially love seeing her interact with Paige.

When she's tired, she kicks her legs on the ground for as long as you'll let her.  It's kind of funny. She also started sleeping on her stomach just barely and i think it's kind of cute.  She is for sure a mamma's girl (and I LOVE it!).  She loves to be held and she loves to grab everything in her reach.  She loves to suck on her fingers, but not her thumb.  This girl also has a voice... oh boy, does she have a voice!

I absolutely adore her.  I can't get enough of her cheeks, lips, leg rolls & smiles.  I know it sounds cheesy, but my soul feels complete when I hold one of my babies.  That's why I almost could have 30 of them... almost.  :)  Too bad Rick doesn't want millions of little Brunsons running around.  I'm surprised, though, because we make such cute Brunsons (we're on a roll... 2 for 2!), so how could you say no to millions of them?  :)  Okay, okay, I'm going a little too far now.

So, to celebrate... I gathered my favorite Instagram pictures of this cutie patootie.

The evolution of Z
Happy Birthday, Lindsey!