About Me

Hi!  I'm Michelle!  

Thanks for vising Through My Lense.

I am a wife and mom first and foremost.  I am also a photographer, crafter, couponer, and homemaker.  

I love interior design, baking desserts & going to Target.

FAQ About Through Michelle's Lense:

      Q:  Why Lense, not Lens? 
      A:  Well, 2 reasons, actually.  Lens was already taken, and I spell Michelle with an 'e' at the end (people always ask me that), so I thought Lens could have an 'e' at the end too.

     Q:  Why do you title each post as "The One Where..."? 
     A:  I, like many of you, am a fan of the TV show called, "Friends".  The title of each of their show is "The One Where...", so I thought it would be an original thing in blogland to do.

     Q:  What is Apraxia?
     A:  Apraxia is basically a neurological speech disorder where the child knows what they want to say, but there is a disconnect from their brain to their mouth.  This can affect the rest of their body, too.  My daughter has been pre-diagnosed with it & although it has been a rough journey, Apraxia has formed a special place in my heart that will be there forever.  Follow us in our journey on our posts labeled Apraxia.  Or learn more about Apraxia at this website.