Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The One With The Valentines Craft

***Update... Welcome to all of our Pinterest friends!  Unfortunately, I don't have a template anymore for this because my computer died & I lost it :(  I'm so sorry, but feel free to still get ideas from this post & my other popular posts (you can view them on the right side of the screen).  Thanks!


Rick and I had a great weekend. I love that Valentines Day fell on Sunday, so we could celebrate all weekend.
Rick is a big believer that Valentines Day is just for the girls (I know, I am lucky), but I REALLY wanted to show him how much I appreciated him right now, since he has been working like a banshee and since things are going to be changing forever in a couple of weeks. But, I put Rick in charge of the money when we first got married (he's excellent with it... me... not so much...) but he wouldn't agree to give me money to buy him anything for Valentines Day. Therefore, I was left with no choice but to craft. Rick isn't much of a cheesy guy, so I had to really think about what I could get him that wasn't too cheesy. I finally decided on the least cheesy thing I could make him for only a few dollars. I saw on a couple of websites the idea for "52 reasons why I love you" (you put the reasons on a deck of cards). So, as expected, here are the pictures of my version of "52 Reasons Why I Love Rick"...

I was surprised at how fast and easy it was for me to come up with 52 reasons. Some of the cards had pictures that applied, so I printed the pictures, but the rest I just mounted the reason onto the card. Rick did suggest I buy him Almond Joy's, so I bought a Valentine's Day cup from no other than Target, and threw the candy and cards in. I usually am not a fan of the "love coupons" that people seem to get (no offense to anyone...), but Rick left me no choice. On the back of 4 or 5 of the Almond Joy's I wrote a couple of things, like I would give him a head scratch (he's loved those so much), and Rick might not appreciate if I mentioned the other few. :)
So, even though it was kind of a silly gift, I was so excited to give it to him, and he actually let me give it to him on Friday night. He never lets me give him presents early!

All in all, even though it was on the cheesier side, he seemed to love it, and I was glad I could show him a little bit of appreciation.
We made my dad's secret recipe for ribs on Saturday to celebrate as well. It was so nice to have the weekend with him. I sure do heart him! ;)


Jen said...

Love it! That's super cute.

lajamison said...

Do you have any sort of saved template or tutorial on how you printed up the reasons and their sizes?

Michelle said...

I kind of do. Email me at mbrunson20@gmail.com and I can attach it for you. I just used Excel and trial and error.

a mermaid said...

found you on love, actually- i would love a copy of that template if you are willing to pass it along:



such a cute idea!

Lis said...

Hi, I also found you on Love, actually. I would love a copy of your measurements/excel sheet if you still have it available! The cards could be used for so many purposes and occasions. Love the idea. My email address is lisaadachi@gmail.com

Thanks so much! They look so great!

Brittany said...

Love it! Do you have a template I could use? If so, would you mind emailing it to me? My email is brittany_forbes@comcast.net. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Brittany, for some reason the email I tried to send you came back to me. Can you try to email me (maybe even from a different email). michelle.tippets@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I found you on Pinterest and I just love the idea! If you could send me the template, that would be fabulous! If not, no worries =] I love your blog, and hope that when I am a blog I can be as crafty as you are!!

Email: maggie_nice@yahoo.com


Unknown said...

*and by "blog" I meant "mother"... whoops!

Cassie M said...

I'd love the template for this please! I found you on pinterest and I'd appreciate it so so much! My email is:

Sid Beck said...

This is so wonderful!!! Like a majority of people, I found you on Love Actually. If you still have the template I would truly appreciate it. Thinking of doing this for my boyfriend for Christmas... :)
my email: sidkneebeck@gmail.com
Thank you!!

Aunt Cara & Uncle Bill said...

I found you on pinterest and I'd love the template. I'm making one for a friend with different memories. My email is: