Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The One With More Nursery Crafting

I've been spending a ton of time getting the nursery ready. It's taken a lot more time than I would have thought, but part of the reason is because I have been making lots of crafts for it. I'm getting so excited that it is starting to come together!

She has a closet (and a whole chest of drawers) full of clothes already. They are organized by size, but have not been washed yet.

And of course . . . she wouldn't be a true Brunson without lots of shoes already!! Most of them are from the Brunson's :)

Rick bought her the Redskins beanie and booties... so cute!

My mom said that this onsie just "jumped" into her cart... she loves us!

I found this wall hanger thing at the DI for $0.75. I know it's kind of old school, but I needed things for the wall, and some sort of hooks, so it was perfect! Notice the cute hats. My sweet sister must have spent hours making them, and a matching diaper bag, for my Christmas Present. She did an amazing job on them. They look like they were bought at an expensive boutique!

Craft A:
I spent hours making like 20 of these birds out of some fabric that my mom gave me (some from the 80's or before I am sure) and some fat quarters I found on clearance. I decided to make a mobile for over her crib with them. I have something up my sleeve for the rest of the birds... (that will be in a post to come)

It's not the best picture of the mobile, but you get the idea. I'm debating hanging a few more random birds around it, outside of the hoops.

Notice the cute blanket on the chair. My mom made it for me, it's so cute and super soft!

Craft B:
Dun Dun Nuh Nuh!!! My sweet daddy cut a bunch of these wooden cubes for me so I could make some blocks. You might remember this post where I said that I wanted to incorporate the birds into her room. A friend gave me a whole digital scrapbook kid (that included the birds and flowers, etc.), so I played around with them a little bit and made some blocks out of them. I am pretty excited about this one. I modge podged them onto the blocks that I had sanded and stained. I had everything, so they were free!!

I have something else up my sleeve for this digital scrapbooking kit... that will be a in a future post as well... That one might just be my favorite craft of them all!


Carlye said...

Her nursery looks SOOOO cute! I LOVE the mobile. You did a great job!

Hapa Mama said...

Oh, that as so so ca-ute! I totally enjoyed "nesting" a lot more when I was prego with a little girl.
I love your bird theme and your mobile is ADORABLE!!!
Love all the gifts from fam. This baby is so so lucky to have you as a mommy!

Becky said...

I don't know what I love cute everything is coming together...or...what a great VALUE everything is?!?! I'm probably teh value!

Pixie said...

Okay... that is just WAY to cute!