Sunday, January 31, 2010

The One With The First Craft Down

It's my 100th post!

With time nearing the end of my pregnancy (4 more weeks!) and since I haven't been working, I have been focusing a lot of time towards the baby's nursery. I can only sit and watch tv so much, so I've been crafting it up. Her room still needs a lot of work, and possibly some more rearranging, but I am getting there. If she came now, it would be okay (as far as her room goes), even if she doesn't have her mobile up, or anything on the walls.

People have asked me to post pictures of her room & the crafts I have been working on, so why not share with you on my 100th post? We have been so grateful to have all of her furniture donated from different friends and family, and somehow, they all look like it's a matching set! I was so so happy about that. Below is her crib and bedding... notice the cute hat boxes to the side of her crib. I bought those back when we first found out it was a girl from Down East. I love them so much.

I have been looking at far too many craft blogs lately (so much that I wake myself up at night thinking of crafts... ) and at the DI looking for random objects I can incorporate into my crafts for the baby's nursery.

The first craft I have finished for Paige's room are these two topiaries. I love them, and they were so easy & cheap! I know, they aren't exactly baby-ish or baby friendly, but I like the baby nurseries that have a couple of "adult" accessories.

Cost break down:
Pink buckets: $0.50 each at DI
Floral inserts: $1.00 each at the dollar store
Sticks: Free from my back yard... :)
Pink Ribbon: Free from the stash of fabric my mom gave to me to use on all of my crafting adventures.
Foam Floral Balls: $2.50 each at Wal-Mart
Moss: $1.00 at the dollar store

All in all I'm spending far too much time making all of these crafts (I'll post the pictures for the others as I finish them), but thankfully I have been able to not spend too much money on them!

Hopefully my next project that will be finished will be her crib mobile. I just have to figure out how to hook it to the ceiling, and then I can get'er done. I've also been working on some name placks to hang on the wall.

I'm officially declaring myself a crafting geek.


Ryan & Michelle said...

I totally hear ya with the cheap, DIY, nursery decor & reading craft blogs!!! (I feel like making a craft blog dedicated to the cute stuff I find on other craft blogs). I totally want to see the letter plaques that you are making - I want to make some for our nursery too, but always need a muse before starting. Yeah for babies!!

Pixie said...

Lookin' cute!