Monday, May 18, 2009

The One With The Senior Pictures

So, I have this great friend Jessie. She recommended me to some of her co-workers for photography. I was able to take one of them this past weekend. She was such a nice and sweet girl! As usual, I couldn't wait to put them on before they were completely edited.

While I was scouting out the light before her session, I thought how cute it would be to have someone wear cowboy boots for pictures there. Rick's sister is a senior this year, and she has cowboy boots, so I had her meet me there. She was hilarious to take pictures with, and she was the perfect model. I hardly told her to do anything at all for posing. It was just for fun.

She loves animals... especially horses... so getting a picture on the opposite side of the fence as the horse, wasn't an option... haha!

It was such a nice weekend!


The Pumpkin said...

These are awesome! I love them! You are very talented

Jessie Moore said...

You rocked it, they look great!! Dang, I have talented friend!! :) LOVE YA!

Mindy said...

Horses are my favorite animal too! What's your favorite animal? -MaKenna

Audrey said...

Hey! I have an idea: try making the boot one sepia colors.

ooo.... and fade out the border edges of the top one to accentuate how pretty she is.

These are great!! I just saw those two and thought "you know what would be cool..." anyhow, take it or leave it. :)