Friday, September 11, 2009

The One With The Week I've Been Looking Forward To

Well, this past week hasn't been ideal. I got laid off of my job on Tuesday, so I have been looking for a new one all week. No luck yet. If you know of anything, let me know!
Although, I am sure excited for this upcoming week. Tomorrow morning I get to take the young women to the temple. I am really excited to feel of the calmness that the temple gives me. On Monday, my family is going to the Fair! Then, on Tuesday, I will have my next Dr. Appointment, and I will get to schedule our ultrasound. I also have a photo shoot this week that I am pretty excited about. If I end up with time, I'll even make some zucchini bread!
I'm really glad I have had these things to look forward to!

1 comment:

The Pumpkin said...

Hopefully it will be a better week! Love you!
PS. The bread sounds awesome. You should make some :)