Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The One With The Rough Morning

I had another doctor appointment this morning.

My morning was a rather tramatic one. It went like this . . .

I got to sleep in a little bit, which was very nice, but I couldn't eat breakfast, and I had to drink this rather gross tasting drink. I always eat breakfast very first thing, every morning... always have, and always will... especially when I am pregnant! I get very grumpy if I don't. The drink was the drink they make you take EXACTLY one hour before they draw your blood to test for gestational diabetes. I drank it at 8:50, and my appointment was at 9:30... plenty of time, right?

I turned on the news as I drank my lovely drink, and of course, the roads did not look pretty, so I left 15 minutes early, thinking that would be just enough time.

The roads were all disasters. Besides going extremely slow, I was slipping and sliding all over the place. (so much for getting my tires "dipped" and paying extra for good winter traction...) And mind you, I was starving. About half an hour into the drive, and after some scary encounters (I'm not a bad, nor a grandma driver, I swear) I just couldn't help but cry. Thankfully I was at a red light, and I could control my tears so I could still see the road when the light changed.

I said a prayer almost the whole way that I would be safe and get to the doctor in time to take my test. I didn't want to have to go through this experience again...

I ended up getting to the doctor at 10:00 am, and thankfully, they said they would try to draw my blood anyway. Well, I have lovely veins that play hide and seek, so it took them ten minutes to find a vein. I still might have to re-take the test if it ends up with weird results, but I was glad I didn't go all of the way out to Riverton for nothing.

Paige was moving more than she ever has before they listened to her heart beat, but she held still this time when they checked her. I'm starting to go into the doctor more often... hopefully work will be okay with that.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to get out of the doctor appointment and eat.


Emily said...

I had to redo my test too, the secretary forgot to tell the medical assistant to draw it. If you have to redo it, Julie let me just eat 50gms of carbs & check it on my glucometer. I'm sure she would do the same for you & you are more than welcome to borrow my glucometer.

Michelle said...

That's fabulous news! I'll mention that to them if I need to re-take it... THANKS!!