Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The One Where I Spoke Too Soon

Add one or two more things to the list of 2009 happenings . . .

Last Friday (yes, a week before Christmas), I got laid off again. We knew this job wouldn't last, but they had been talking to me about keeping me throughout the new year, and I was hopeful that it would even last until February.

I'm not going to lie, it's been really hard on us this time. We knew money would be tight when this happened, but not this tight. Thank heaven we were able to pay off my credit card a week ago. I can't apply for normal jobs because the people interviewing me will for sure notice my belly this time around. So, I have been looking for temporary jobs, but unfortunately, there aren't many out there. I've applied with several temp agencies & even for unemployment.

Then on Saturday, I got my second sinus infection while pregnant. Although, it has been nice to not have to go into work sick, or feel bad for calling in sick.

I am grateful, though, that we know God knows of our situation, and that it's in his hands. I've said this before about other trials, but if it's going to be in anyone's hands, His would sure be the best hands to be in. Somehow things like this always work out!

Only 10 more weeks until we get to meet our sweet little baby!! Time has flown by. After the holidays we'll be putting the nursery together! I'll be sure to post pictures.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The One With The Year End Review

I know I am getting a little ahead of myself, so I apologize. I am just not sure I will get time to do this if I don't do it now.

I can't believe it's December, and only 2 weeks away from Christmas! I have been shocked at how fast this year has flown by, and how much has happened.

We have had quite the year in 2009!
Here's what happened to us...

January - February
The waiting game . . .
We were engaged, but just waiting to hear back from the first presidency. This was kind of a stressful time... at least for me! I hated being engaged, but having no idea when we'd be able to get married. By this time I had already planned at least 2 weddings, both of their dates had come and gone.

February 24 -
The moment we had all been waiting for.
It was pure bliss when we both received our letters from the First Presidency saying that we had the grand OKAY. We scheduled the temple for exactly one month from that day, barely enough time to plan. And the race was on....

March 7 -
The next step!
I moved into our tiny little one bedroom basement apartment. It was so nice to know that our big day was finally coming!

March 24 -
Our wedding day!
We were the first couple sealed in the draper temple. After the ceremony & pictures, we all went bowling, and then had an intimate luncheon at The Olive Garden. Both, of which (bowling & Olive Garden) were what Rick & I did on our first date, back in 2007.
We then spent a week in Vegas for our Honeymoon. Little did I know, Rick had a lot of surprises for me. He booked our hotel at the Paris & took me to see the Blue Man Group. Both of which, I had always wanted to do.

June 23 -
The day after my 23rd birthday, we found out we were expecting our first baby! We took the pregnancy test 3 times just to be sure!

July 29 -
Tender moments...
We were able to hear the baby's heart beat for the first time, and see her on an ultrasound. She was a tiny little peanut. :)

July 31 -
Me? A Landlord?
We closed on our condo! We decided to still buy the condo, even though it was only 1 bedroom, since we got such a great deal on it from my boss, and decided to rent it out. We didn't want to have to move an extra time or two before the baby was born.

August (ish)
Whistle While You Work!
Rick found a second job that worked perfectly into his schedule with his full-time job. Ever since, he has worked 11 + hour work days. He also started his masters program right around this time. What an amazing, hard working husband!

September 8 -
Not so sweet surprise...
I got laid off of my job... bitter sweet. It was a good job, and paid alright, but it has been good to be with new people.

September 17 -
I was offered a new job. I didn't even have to interview for this one, they called me out of the blue. They knew I was pregnant and I was very grateful that I was able to find a new job so quickly, even though I took a decent pay cut.

October 5 -
'Bout time!!
We found out we were expecting a tall, wiggly baby GIRL! Of course, I was so excited to start buying cute dresses and accessories, and Rick's search for a pink football was on.

November 6 -
The next step again!
We moved into a 2 bedroom apartment. It has carpet in the front room (our last place had tile...) and we were in control of the thermostat!! It has also been fun to have a room for Paige, just another step along the way!

December -
Rick put us on a fairly strict budget (thankfully he's great with money!) and as of this month, we are debt free on our credit cards! I'm so proud of us, that was a big thing to tackle, and we even finished 2 months before our goal. Now, that's something to celebrate!

As I looked over my calendar from the past year, I noticed some other memories / highlights of the year:

  • I've been through several new hair styles, thanks to my great mother-in-law!
  • I was able to go to both of the new temple open houses.
  • I've taken lots more pictures this year "professionally", than possibly in my whole life up until that point combined. I even started a website (which I should update some more this week).
  • We went on a family trip with my family to Manilla / Flaming George.
  • I had fun playing & watching Rick play basketball for a rec league and badminton in his mom's back yard.
  • My family has been blessed to overcome some sicknesses, hospitalizations, surgeries & even cancer.
  • I was able to make it to the temple a little bit more this year than I normally make it.
  • Rick and I have been able to spend lots of time with our families, despite his very busy schedule.
  • I have been able to grow closer to the Lord this year, and have had quite a few special experiences & testimony builders.

It has been one of the biggest years of my life so far... if not the biggest yet. (I know... just wait until next year!!)

But we have really been blessed, not only with fun events happening to us, but with great family and friends to be there to support us and experience our exciting news with us!

We look forward to another fun filled year next year!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The One With The Rough Morning

I had another doctor appointment this morning.

My morning was a rather tramatic one. It went like this . . .

I got to sleep in a little bit, which was very nice, but I couldn't eat breakfast, and I had to drink this rather gross tasting drink. I always eat breakfast very first thing, every morning... always have, and always will... especially when I am pregnant! I get very grumpy if I don't. The drink was the drink they make you take EXACTLY one hour before they draw your blood to test for gestational diabetes. I drank it at 8:50, and my appointment was at 9:30... plenty of time, right?

I turned on the news as I drank my lovely drink, and of course, the roads did not look pretty, so I left 15 minutes early, thinking that would be just enough time.

The roads were all disasters. Besides going extremely slow, I was slipping and sliding all over the place. (so much for getting my tires "dipped" and paying extra for good winter traction...) And mind you, I was starving. About half an hour into the drive, and after some scary encounters (I'm not a bad, nor a grandma driver, I swear) I just couldn't help but cry. Thankfully I was at a red light, and I could control my tears so I could still see the road when the light changed.

I said a prayer almost the whole way that I would be safe and get to the doctor in time to take my test. I didn't want to have to go through this experience again...

I ended up getting to the doctor at 10:00 am, and thankfully, they said they would try to draw my blood anyway. Well, I have lovely veins that play hide and seek, so it took them ten minutes to find a vein. I still might have to re-take the test if it ends up with weird results, but I was glad I didn't go all of the way out to Riverton for nothing.

Paige was moving more than she ever has before they listened to her heart beat, but she held still this time when they checked her. I'm starting to go into the doctor more often... hopefully work will be okay with that.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to get out of the doctor appointment and eat.