Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The One Where Time Is Flying By!

I don't know where time goes anymore. I think the older you get, the faster time flies by.

I haven't been all that busy lately, except for cleaning. For some reason, you can spend all day cleaning, and then the next day it's even messier than before! Whether it's with finger prints, or toys, or my craft stuff... and my baby isn't even crawling or walking yet... I did, though, organize every closet in our house over Labor Day weekend, and it felt so great!

Paige is almost 7 months old already, and we're having so much fun together. We had a little scare over the past week. Her pediatrician has mentioned Paige's head size and shape since she was born, but she thought it would clear up as she started to sit up more. It did, a lot, but not all the way, so at our last well visit check up, her pediatrician recommended we visit a plastic surgeon to see if she has craneosynostosis (basically that is where the skull is fusing together too quickly). I didn't think it was bad enough to need the surgery (which is a pretty serious surgery), but I thought she might need a helmet. I took her in to Primary's, and the doctor said she was very borderline and sent us for a cat scan. Thankfully they were able to do it right then and there so I didn't have to wait any longer. She was so good during it too, even though she was strapped down like she was in a straight jacket, head and all. We wish we got a picture of her in that contraption. We met with him shortly after and he said everything looks good. Like I said, I didn't think she would need the surgery, but as a mom, you just have this worry and desire that your baby is as healthy as possible. Too bad though, she would have looked cute in a pink helmet. :)

Next on our list though, is to take her to a baby eye doctor. She will most likely need surgery to lift her eye lids, so she can see better (she looks sleepy all of the time... another thing my pediatrician and I have been watching closely since she was born), but I'll take that surgery any day over the head surgery!

She's still such a good baby, and she's growing so much. She's over tripled her birth weight already. We like her... a lot!

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