Thursday, February 10, 2011

The One With One Down...

Paige is officially done with her first eye procedure! Yay! For those of you who wanted an update, this is for you.

She was such a trooper throughout the whole thing, and did so well with not eating and not taking a nap when she wanted. She was in heaven with all of the fun toys to play with.

It was a quick, 20 minute procedure called, 'exam under anesthesia & probe with possible balloon'. They un-clogged her tear ducts with the balloons, and did some brief testing on her actual eye balls. Her eye muscles are tight, and will need some surgery to loosen them up (so she can look up and down on her own, without making her whole head move up and down). Although, the doctor is now saying that there is a possibility that this could correct her low eyelids, and she might not need that surgery, but we will have to wait to find out for sure.

She was very very grumpy while coming out of the anesthesia, and has been sleeping almost constantly since we got home. My SIL was working that day and she was able to go into the beginning of surgery with her. and check up on us a few times, and all that jazz. It helped me that she was there, and knew who I should recommend.

Paige is such a sweetheart, and we are so happy that there is a way & people who can help her. Thanks for all of your texts, messages and calls of support! We have great family and friends.

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DeRosa080208 said...

I'm so happy to hear she did so well. That's really great!