Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The One Where I Don't Want To Forget

Paige is at another fun age.  She has been doing some cute things that I don't want to forget about. Like...
  • Every time I get her out of her crib (for a nap or in the am), she wants to do Ring Around The Rosies while she is still in the crib, and she always points at her Olivia picture that Rick put up for her (like she's showing it to me for the first time).  Sometimes she even runs laps, or she's running away from me in her crib.  Either way it's cute.

  • She is my little shadow & helper.  She is learning to put toys away & help in other ways.
  • Paige LOVES her shoes.  It's a good thing, too, because she has SO many of them.  Sometimes she will bring us a shoe for her to wear just because.  Other times, she will bring us 2 shoes that don't match and are the same foot, but she insists on wearing both at the same time.  

  • Paige loves to watch tv.  She especially loves to watch the tv standing up.  Her favorite shows are Olivia & Mickey Mouse Club House.
  • She still loves swinging, but she loves sliding even more!  She gets the biggest smile on her face every time she goes down a slide (except the giant slide at the fair... she didn't not like it, but she didn't smile like she usually does).
  • When I lay her down to have a nap, or go to bed for the night, I sing to her.  She looks up at me with the absolute cutest smile you've ever seen, then gives me a kiss, then lays her head on my shoulder, then repeats several times.  It's hard to lay her down when she's being so cute.
  • Every morning, and at least 3 times throughout the day, she takes me into her room so she can play her keyboard.  She will leave the pre-programmed music on for hours at a time if I will let her.  She loves it so much.


Julie Lyman said...

SO SOSO SO SO CUTE! SHe is SO adorable! I am excited to see her soon.... if ya'll are coming and whatnot. hopefully see you friday!

Mindy said...

Cute little Paige!!!