Friday, October 5, 2012

The One With Photo Friday - A Cute Photo Shoot

I know we just did a little mini photo shoot of Paige about a month ago, but we got the chance to do another one recently (as mentioned in my last post)!  You know me, I can't turn down an opportunity for that... and to be honest, neither would Paige!

One of my cute sisters sewed a cute diaper bag, dress & hats for Paige before she was born & gave them to me at a shower.  They are so adorable, I knew I needed to take some pictures of her in them when it fit her. Well, they finally fit her & I've been wanting to take pictures of her since the spring time in it, but didn't get a chance until recently.

I loved this mini shoot, and mostly because of her cute dress!!!  Maybe I'm bias, but I'm gooshing over these pictures a little bit :)

She's telling the bear a secret :)

This one totally reminds me of The Little Rascals for some reason.. oh yeah, and this Halloween Picture

There was also a second, smaller part to this photo shoot in a different outfit... more on that next week since I already posted so many pictures of this cutie patootie.


Jen said...

Those are really cute. The hat and trunks make them look a little old timey.

Carlye said...

I love these pictures!