Friday, August 2, 2013

The One With July' Friday Photo Dump

Life finally started to slow down this month... and by slowing down I mean we actually had a few days where we didn't leave the house.  We had just about 2 straight months of doing something every day, and it was a blast, but relaxing a bit is nice, too.  :)  

We've been going to Horse Therapy still (we only have one more week left... frownie face!).  It's been really great for Paige.  Rick & my parents even got to go watch on the 24th since they didn't have to work.  Paige loved showing off for them.  :)  

Lindsey even got in on the action... well, she was riding on "woody" anyway :)  
(Woody is a modified version of a rocking horse)

Meet Dixie.  This is "Paige's horse" even though she doesn't ride her every time, this is her favorite one.  This is the horse they started her on & Paige talks the most about her.  Dixie does this funny thing with her tongue, and she just lets it hang out.  It's funnier in person, but I finally got a picture of it!
Don't worry, the mask is to protect her from flys and gnats, she can still see through it.

Meet Lindsey's future husband... :)  He's only a few months younger than her & is basically family (not blood, so it's not weird like that!).  I think they make a handsome couple, don't you?
Don't you just loooove her hand on his thigh?!

We went on lots of walks this month, despite the heat, but it sure was fun.

... and of course we watched fireworks lots this year!

Oh yeah, and don't forget our super duper cute photo shoot!  

Well, believe it or not, Rick suggested I start a real mommy blog.  (If you know him, that's a big surprise!)  It wasn't a half bad idea, either.  So... I did... You can check it out here & don't forget to follow me or leave me some comment lovin'.  :)

Lindsey had another pretty big month.  She's a speedy little devil who tries to stand on her own.  Thank heaven she's not ready for that yet!  She's cruising with furniture, though... watch out world!  

We finished off the month by going to Bear Lake... and HALLELUJAH!  No one got sick!!!!!  We had a streak going & I am so relieved it didn't continue.  

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Woodward Family said...

Such cute pictures...and then Lindsey eating your toes???--disgusting! :)