Friday, September 6, 2013

The One With August's Friday Photo Dump

Sheesh Louise!  Summer time always flies by too fast.  And when it's the end of August that means it's the beginning of something big at our house... football season!

My cute father in law got me this sign... because he loves me... and because he understands... :)

'Nuff said.

Paige & I like to work out to Just Dance videos from YouTube, I laughed pretty good throughout the work out to this song...

We decided to go for a scavenger hunt in the back yard.  We found things like grass, a bird, flower, etc.  Paige didn't want to forget her binoculars.  :)

We also celebrated a friend's birthday...

And we enjoyed some more big bows.  Why not? YOLO! (hahahahaha, I never thought I would ever say yolo.  I totally just did.)

We didn't have cable for a few weeks this month, but we still celebrated shark week.

Something epic happened at our house... we got Paige's hair in pigtail braids!  They weren't perfect, but they were still cute.  Oh and don't mind the dirty mirror.... :\

This is how excited I was about her hair.

We also participated in a back to school donation drive.  It was a lot of fun to do with Paige!  She's such a cutie patootie.

Lindsey tried out a new style.  Who needs bows?  Okay, bows are still a necessity at our house, but we thought we'd start this new trend.  You think it will catch on?

Poor cat.......

Oh you better believe this happened!  LOVE!

And some normal ones so she's not quite as embarrassed when she's older.

And I'm still lovin' on these thunder thighs.  :)  Yes, I said thunder thighs.  

We found these awesome princesses from the dollar store.  Thank you DollarTree.  You made this girls month.

This totally happened, too!  Love.  <3 nbsp="">

Paige donated some of her stuffed animals to the fire department.  I was so proud of her.

She loved the hat that the fireman gave her.

Oh yeah, and we played babies & princesses about a bazillion times this month.  How could I forget?

Last, but not least, Lindsey cut her first tooth!  Good luck taking a picture of that.  It's hard enough getting her to hold still so I can see it sans the camera.  She's been handling teething pretty well so far, let's hope she keeps it up.

Paige starts preschool again next month & she's really excited.  I'm excited for her.  

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