Sunday, December 14, 2008

The One About The Color Blue

A year or so ago I took a photography class. I really enjoyed it. I was looking through a bunch of my old pictures and I enjoyed reminiscing. One assignment we had was to use color to describe emotion. We had to pick a song or poem and then take pictures that weren't literal, but used color to explain the feeling in the poem or song. I don't even remember the poem I picked, but my color was blue (calm, relaxing, etc.). I spent weeks on this assignment. I drove up to Park City to get a picture of hot air balloons lifting off, but the weather was bad that day so they didn't do it, so I just drove around beautiful Park City and then I went down to the Great Salt Lake (twice) for some more pictures. I even set up a little studio in my house to take pictures of a flower with a blue background. I really enjoyed & learned a lot from this project, and had fun looking at the pictures, so I thought I would post a few. Enjoy!


garage.glamour. said...

Hi. randomly came across your blog. i liked this post. =]
check out mine.

Becky said...

I really like the first picture and the picture of the flower.

The Pumpkin said...

You are so talented!
Love ya!