Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Long One With Good Updates!

Whew! These past couple of weeks have been such a whirl wind!

My new job as an assistant at a real estate company has been WAY busier than I could ever imagine (we work with foreclosures mostly..) and I LOVE it! That is why the lack of posts. I keep worrying that I am being air headed and not being a good employee, but I keep praying for help every morning and apparently it's working! They want to pay for me to go to real estate school and they bought me a gift card for 3 1/2 hours worth of treatments at a spa. Rick tells me every day that I have the perfect job, and I really do. They ONLY problem with it is some people call and are nasty and yell at me... but then I just hand them over to my boss and he yells at them for me. :) I have been extremely blessed to have this job.

For the past week, Rick and I have found a new hobby that has taken up all of our spare time. Dr. Mario on his brother's old school Super Nintendo.

Oh, how I love this game. I am already mastering level 14! (that's how much time we have spent playing this game, and no, I did NOT go to his house once when he was at work and another time when he had the day off for my lunch break to play it!) :D

Last Tuesday, Rick and I went to the temple. It's always so nice to go. After the temple, we went back to his house and played more Dr. Mario... :) Since it's SO easy to loose track of time while playing that I didn't get home til 12:30, I went to bed like normal, but was woken up to my dad telling me that my car was broken into and I "had better come look". I had left my temple bag in my car because I wasn't sure if I would make it to stake temple night 2 nights later and I had a mostly empty purse in my car as well. They must have seen the two bags and thought they could score big. Well, sorry suckas, you didn't get anything. They took my favorite purse, but thank heaven I was prompted (yes, prompted) to buy a new purse and put everything in the new one. :) Also, thankfully they rummaged through my temple bag, but didn't even take the dollar I have in there in case I need to rent something. They also rummaged through my console, which had a spare set of keys in it that they missed (thank heaven!), but didn't seem to take anything. I was so so so blessed that no credit cards or cash was taken and that the worse was they just broke my window. Luckily I had just changed over to Rick's car insurance (his dad is our agent), and I was given the rock star treatment and by 11 I was into work.

We had stake conference last Sunday, it was really good. My dad spoke in both the adult session on Saturday and the main session on Sunday so Rick and I went to support him. I am so lucky to have the parents I have. They honestly are on my top 5 list of most amazing people I have ever met. Not even Kyle Korver is up as high as they are (and that says A LOT!) :)

But... here's the best news... last the best of all the game!!!!! I had my appointment with my stake president on Sunday!!!!! YAY!! That is the last hurdle of them all, and I am so thrilled!! I am getting married!! We still don't have a date set, but it actually seems real now. Before it was a dream, and for those Sleeping Beauty fans out there, you know that "a dream is a wish the heart makes" . . . haha, I thought I would throw that in since that song just popped in my head. Princess Aurora is my favorite princess, in case you didn't know. :) So, Rick has his appointment with the Stake President tomorrow night and hopefully we will hear back within a couple of weeks, and then we will set a date!

We started thinking about getting married in the Las Vegas temple (where it's nice and warm!), but we aren't sure if we really will. Rick feels really bad making our family go down there for the wedding. If we could do anything, that would be our pick though.

Well, I think that just about covers it since the last post. I love you all and hope all is well with you!


Jen said...

That's so exciting! I'm glad you can get married soon. I having temple picking troubs too. What a bummer that people's travel plans should affect the decision.

Andrea said...

That is so exciting! And I also LOVE dr.mario. I get the songs stuck in my head for days. I haven't ever played it on super nintendo though, just the old school regular nintendo.

DeRosa080208 said...

I just have to correct you. "a dream is a wish the heart makes" is from Cinderella. She's my favorite! But besides that, I'm so stoked for you!

Michelle said...

Oh! Good work Barbie!! She's my second favorite!