Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The One With All Of The Planning

Whew! What a week!!!
We found an apartment finally and I am moving out this weekend. I haven't started packing yet :) but it will be so nice to get everything settled in before it gets too close to the wedding. It's a basement apartment with a weird layout, but a good deal. It's up past 3000 East.
Wedding plans are just about done, I just need to get our marriage license and then we'll be set. I have my bridals scheduled coming up, I'm sure I'll post pics as soon as I get them. Then, on our wedding day, everyone is invited to the ceremony at the Draper Temple (PS- if you got an invite, you really need to be there at 7:30am... the temple told me 7:45 on the phone, but I just got a letter saying 7:30) but you are welcome to come weather you have an invite or not! We just sent invites to our close family. After that, everyone is invited to go bowling (where Rick and I had our first date) in Sandy on State Street, then we will have a lunch at Olive Garden on State Street (where Rick and I had our first date) for immediate family. We won't be having a reception. Check out our blog for the most recent updates.


Mindy said...

so i think it was meant to be that you were married in the Draper Temple!!! just thought I should share that!

Farnworth Family said...

Remember I saw you there on your first date... I just had to remind you!!! We are so happy for you two... and Callista is three and a half weeks!