Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The One Where I Am Stressed Beyond Belief!

Well, this week has been so so so crazy. I have a test for work that I need to take on Friday, so every single spare moment (besides this one, of course:) ) has beed used up with me studying. This, btw, is a BIG test, that most people don't pass their first time. After this, I really hesitate to say that I will go back to school. I still might, but not in the near future. Although, I believe this is worse than any school I have taken.

With that being said... we also got asked to talk in church on Sunday. How come those talks never come at good times?!?! We still haven't been told our topic, which may be a good thing for me, so I can focus on studying for now. I know that most people don't plan their talks until Saturday or Sunday morning, but I am a "planner a head-er" if you want to call it that. That's just my personality with everything. I like to plan ahead and know what I am doing.
So... things have been oober crazy lately, and poor Rick has been so sweet and has lived this week without a wife to help around the house and all that jazz. We were able to go up to Bear Lake, just the two of us, last weekend. It was so nice! It only rained for a few minutes the whole weekend. Pictures to come... later.
Sorry if I am being too mooshy & religious on you, but I have to say, I am so greatful for 2 things this week. First, for Rick and how great he is to me. He's been such a great cheer leader and support for me this week. And second, for the comfort of the spirit. I reached my breaking point yesterday with all of the stress. All I could do was just get on my knees. Once I did that, all of my stress & knots in my stomache, just melted off. It was such a great feeling to have that off my shoulders.
I will be looking forward to next week!!

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Jessie Moore said...

I am cheering for you!! You can totally do it!! I agree with you though, I love being able to pray...amazing. LOVE YOU and good luck!!!