Monday, June 29, 2009

The One With The Fun Sleepover!

Well, I decided I wanted to have a sleepover for all of my nieces & nephews that could come. We had 8 of them show up, and if you ask me, we had a blast. Those kids are so dang cute.

We spent a lot of time on the swings in the back yard. They would swing so high they would pick the apples off of the tree.

They some how found a bunch of snails. They would pile them all up. It started raining that night, so we went out after the rain stopped and they honestly found more than 50 snails... so much for a garden, huh?? It was gross, but they LOVED it!

My favorite part of the sleep over was Saturday morning. I bought them a slip'n'slide.

This wasn't all of the kids (below) but it was the kids that couldn't fit on the big swings. One of my nieces took this picture for me.

I love those stinking kids!!!

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Jessie Moore said...

Can someone say favorite Auntie? Ha ha you rock!! Looks like you and Rick had a blast with them. Being an Aunt rocks cause you can be the fun one and send them back to the parents. :) I can't wait until Sadie can do some of these things.