Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The One Where I Am . . .


I am so excited! Our place has been a fun little place to start out, and our ward has been so great. We originally thought we'd be moving around December, but then it just so happened that Rick found us a great place. It's funny how things just happen.

We drove past this apartment home complex once, and honestly, I was happy that they were closed. I guess I didn't like the looks of them. But, to my dismay, the next Monday, Rick called me and told me that it was on his list of options. I was grumpy (partly because I needed to eat, partly because I just didn't want to live there). But Rick was sweet and asked me to just look at it and let him know what I thought. So, I did. As the cute old man took me through the apartment, I just felt at home. I really can't explain it any better than that. It just felt good, and I couldn't deny it. So, we put a deposit on it. I am taking Friday off to do most of the packing, and thankfully Rick's step-mom and my mom will be helping. We have some people helping that night for the actual move too, so we are VERY grateful for the help, since neither of us can really lift a whole lot at this point. :)

Well, ever since then, our excitement has been building. I think partly because it's a place that actually feels like home, but mostly because it's the next big step before Paige comes.

We can hardly wait. It's been so fun. She comes in a little over 100 days! She has a bag packed of her stuff, but some how, the bag keeps getting more and more things in it, and it is now overflowing. We have some fun things for her, and as soon as we move, I will post pictures of her room (not that we have that many things...). I've tried to only buy things that are cheap for now, I think our favorite things for her is a set of 2 cute onesies that my mom bought for us (forgive me if I have already posted about this...). One has a big U on it and one says, "Ute fan since birth". So cute. I just need to get her some cute red head bands to go with the outfits.

My belly has been ever growing. It's been fun to watch. It's also been fun to see people's reactions at work. Some days people are shocked at how much it grew over the night or weekend. It has also been fun to see her kick so hard that you can see it.

So, I am off to get all packed up!!! Yay!


Becky said...

I'm glad you found a place that feels like home. I'm so excited for you right now!

Pixie said...

I'm exited to see your new house! I'm exited to see Paige too!