Thursday, October 29, 2009

The One With Our Pumpkin Carving

At our house, we love Halloween time, Rick especially. We love that it's college football season, the hot apple cider (or caramel apple cider) & hot chocolate, this is the time we watch our only Halloween or scary movie each year, scaring the trick or treat-ers, crunching the leaves, and much more!

Rick's family invited us over for FHE to carve pumpkins. It was lots of fun. Rick told me to get a pumpkin about the size of my belly... can you guess why?

He carved a picture of Paige, from her ultrasound! How cute is that!? Can you see it in the pictures below?

I started out using a stencil to carve a spider, but I gave up. That was too much work for me. So I went with my original idea, of carving a U... go Utes!

I saw this shirt and HAD to buy it. It did take a few days for me to swallow paying $30 for a maternity shirt that I would possibly only wear a handful of times, but I am glad I splurged.


Becky said...

We absolutely love Halloween time too! There's just such an awesome feeling in the air. I think Paige makes for one cute pumpkin and the shirt was definitely worth the money. I hope you both have a Happy Halloween!

Mindy said...

Cute shirt! I think you're finally starting to look a little pregnant. :)

Jessie Moore said...

LOL ok I absolutely love this! Your shirt is AWESOME!! :) How cute is that he carved Paige in the pumpkin. Do you ever see that!?! Heck no...100% original! Love ya!!

Pixie said...

I love the shirt! It's so cute! That pumpkin with paige carved in it is awsome! I like the big "U" too. I carved one with an evil face!