Friday, October 2, 2009

The One With All That Kickin!!

Here's another pregnant rambling... :)
I have felt the baby kick inside of me for over a month now. I have loved that connection that I get to have with the baby. I have noticed that the baby is most active in the afternoons (from about 2ish - 6ish...). A few days ago, though. I was watching TV, and the baby was kicking, as usual. I have been noticing lately that they aren't quite as soft of kicks as they first started out to be, so I wondered if I could feel them with my hand. Sure enough, I could! I was thrilled! This was more exciting for me than feeling the baby inside for the first time. I think because now Rick can be more of a part of this pregnancy. The only problem is that whenever Rick is home, the baby isn't as active. Stubborn little thing! I hope that Rick will get to feel the baby this weekend!


Jen said...

Wow! That's crazy...seems like just yesterday you announced your pregnancy

The Woodwards said...

You are too funny Michelle! I loved that feeling when I could first feel our little girl, and it still amazes me how much she can move. Just last night we were with some friends and she was rolling all over the place and we could point out, "There's a foot, or There's her elbow!" It's even more cool when you are just lying there and your stomach is completely lopsided because she's on one side and then flips to the other! It's awesome!