Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The One At The End Of My Busy Month

Not too much is new.
Our super duper busy month ends today... I am pretty sure it was the busiest month of my life. Between 3 family weddings, showers, girl's nights, doctor appointments, baby siting/sleep overs, my birthday, a concert, and lots of family get togethers, we found a little bit of time to spend just the three of us.
And on top of all of that...
Paige is teething.
The poor girl. She's still been really good, considering, but some days, like today, she just doesn't like to sleep, and as you moms know... no sleep=sad babies.
I'll try to post pictures later of the past month... but no guarantees. :)

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Bobbie Tippets said...

Oh Honey, I love you so much! You are a darling Mom with an awesome husband and such a cute baby! So many blessings!