Saturday, November 20, 2010

The One That Might Just Be My Best One Yet

Oh my goodness. I am excited and have to show something off.

Well, for those of you in blogger land who like to read craft blogs, you know that subway art is HOT right now. I decided that it would be cute to make some subway art with a picture in the middle. It could be done for a baby, a family, a holiday, etc. I have no idea where this idea came from, but somehow I imagined it up and it wouldn't leave my mind. Luckily, it's a Saturday night in November (AKA College Football Saturday) so I had some time to myself after I put Paige down and while Rick watched the game.

Sooo..... what do you think!?

I think I'll edit a couple of things after I have time to think about how I can make it better, but until then, I'll just be happy.

How cute would a few of these be on a wall. There could be one for the mom, one for the dad, some for the kids. You could even do one per year with the child's favorite things, age & qualities.

Now I'm just getting ahead of myself... :)

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