Friday, January 13, 2012

The One With Photo Friday - "Something You're Afraid Of"

For today's Photo Friday, I decided to pick 

"something you're afraid of".

There are a few things that I am afraid of, but the absolute biggest one is...

Tower Of Terror 2008

This includes, but is not limited to; standing on a tall building, going on amusement park rides, looking down from a tall building in a movie (I know...), and even sometimes looking up at the top of a tall building while I am standing on the ground.  

Wow, I didn't know how ridiculous it all was before I wrote it all down.

I have no idea why I am so afraid of it.  I know I am completely safe and won't get hurt.  

Luckily now, I can laugh at the picture above, but I was squeezing rick's arm so hard his hand fell asleep & my arm was tired for a day or two... 

The only reason why I went on that stupid ride (beside's Bryce never ending persistence, persuasion & lies) was because Rick said he would give me a diamond if I went on  that blasted ride.  I didn't know exactly how serious he was or what exactly he meant by that, but I did, and he followed through a few days later in Hawaii.  :)  

The morning after he proposed on OUR pier ;)
I guess it was worth it... ;)  

PS - Mice are a close second...

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