Monday, January 2, 2012

The One With My Goals Update

Last year I posted about the goals I wanted to accomplish in 2011... I wanted to update that list for myself.

Of my list from last year, these are the ones I have accomplished:

  • Throw Paige a cute first birthday party
  • Make an album of Paige's first year
  • write in Paige's journal more often
  • Make a magnetic nativity that goes on my fridge
I started most of the following goals I had, but haven't officially completed them, so they go onto the goals for 2012:
  • Make a traditions Christmas tree skirt
  • Quiet Book for Paige (started)
  • Organize my recipes (started)
  • Makes something like this to hang in my front room
  • Start a new "mommy" blog
  • Experiment with Photoshop (started... there's so much to learn on this program... it didn't help, though, that my computer died & I lost PS this year)
  • Make a magnetic alphabet puzzle
  • Take some pictures similar to this
  • Make my blog into a photo album journal for each year (started)
  • Find & use new recipes that use my food storage (started)
And here are my new goals for 2012:
  • Potty training & de-cribbing Paige
  • Starting Mommy Preschool with Paige (I'm excited!)
  • Finish decorating my room (I've taken my time with this one!)
  • Add a picture wall to Paige's room including this & possibly this.
  • Make a diaper strap... I got a new purse & the huge diaper case I have doesn't fit anymore.
  • Continue to write in Paige's journal regularly... especially as she learns how to talk & says funny things.
  • Read my scriptures more regularly (even if it's the children's picture BOM to Paige)
  • Finish an ABC book for Paige
I think that's It!  I know it doesn't look like I accomplished a lot, but considering all that we had going on this year & how much I started (even if I haven't finished it yet), I'll give myself a pat on the back.

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Baby Making Mama said...

Look at you and all of your goals! Those are fabulous!! I'm going to have to steal a few!
Awesome you have plans to make so much! I hope you share when you do!