Monday, June 25, 2012

The One Where It's Official!

About 3 months ago a great opportunity fell into our laps.  (Side note:  I love it when things fall into your lap, to me it seems like it's just meant to be)  The opportunity came up for us to rent a beautiful, big house from someone on Rick's side of the family.  We have rented an apartment for the past 3 years & it really has been good to us.  But, with a new baby coming & all we decided we'd prefer more space if we could afford it, so when this opportunity popped up, we were thrilled. 

Last weekend we officially moved in.  Although the move kicked us in the butt pretty good (it was exhausting, even for the pregnant woman who couldn't do very much), we have loved every second of being here.  We have more than enough space, a huge yard, fruit trees, raspberry bushes & a huge garden (that I planted last month even though we hadn't moved in yet).

Rick's mom was getting rid of a twin sized bed & furniture, so we jumped at that opportunity since Paige was going to need to get out of the crib sooner rather than later.  She has LOVED her big girl bed, it's so cute to see her in it.  You can just see on her face how much she loves being a big girl.  And, thanks to my friend Carlye, I got the cutest bedding for it & because of that Paige's room is my favorite room of the house.  

I'd like to personally thank whoever invented gummy prenatals & anti-nausea medicine.  I got them just in time for my birthday & the big move.  What a relief it has been to... well, feel relief from being sick!  :)  I forgot how good it felt to feel 'normal'.  I'm in heaven.

We will really miss our old apartment, ward, swimming pool & duck (she came back last week to lay eggs!).

With all of that being said, it makes having baby #2 seem more real.  I can't believe we will have TWO kids!!!  When we moved into our last place I was pregnant with Paige & I felt so excited for that next stage in our lives.  I feel the same way in this house. excited for the next stage of our family's growth.  

I wanted to get a picture of our little family on moving day, but we were beat.  Oh well :)  It was a nice thought anyway.

PS- I didn't realize how much stuff we had.

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Carlye said...

Michelle, it's beautiful! I can't wait to see it!
P.S. Glad you found some bedding... I'm glad I could help :)