Friday, June 8, 2012

The One With May's Friday Photo Dump

I'm a little late because work has been super crazy, but oh well :)

I honestly didn't think I would have this many pictures from May because we've laid so low lately.  It was a pleasant surprise.

Hanging out with Aunt Brittany

Sorting by colors.
She almost has the colors down, but has her shapes down like a pro.

Her first pigtails... I just couldn't leave them in.  Why did they look so bad?!
I thought pigtails were supposed to be cute!

Paige spent lots of time riding her stick horse in funny outfits.

We sure had fun at the salon!
Paige now says 'dada' and has almost completely stopped saying 'mama'... oh well :)  it's cute, though, because she talks about 'dada' several times a day.

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Jen said...

Avs says dada way more than mama too. I guess she says mama a lot when I'm not around though.