Friday, May 25, 2012

The One With This Pregnancy's Background

Rick always said he wanted his kids 2 years apart, but I always knew I wanted them closer to 3 years apart.  Once Paige hit 1 1/2 years old, Rick took back that opinion of his :)

Honestly, until late Summer of last year, the thought of having another one scared me so badly.  I literally got exhausted just thinking about having 2 kids.  One day, while watching my sister's son (he was maybe 6 months old at the time), I had some surprising & odd thoughts.  I found myself trying to figure out if & how we could handle another baby.  Then, an even more odd thought hit me.  I had a very strong impression, more like someone telling me, 'whenever you are ready.'  I thought it was so strange.  I knew it was from my Heavenly Father, but I wasn't even praying about it yet.  I was surprising myself that I was even thinking about making it work.  I was very grateful, though, for that impression from God.  

Rick & I have talked about having another baby for probably over 9 months now.  We had a 'scare' last fall that I think got us both thinking more seriously about having another baby.  At the time, Rick was looking for a new job, so we knew the smart thing to do was to wait until he got the new job so we didn't risk having any 'messes' with our insurance (you know, pre-existing condition and all).  Once he got his job, it took 2 months for insurance to kick in, and that put us at the beginning of January of this year.  At that point we talked again about what to do.  If we got pregnant right away, that would mean we would have a 'football baby', which neither of us wanted.  Or, even worse, if we didn't get pregnant right away, we would have a December baby.  We did our homework, though, and decided that if we got pregnant & had the baby in the same year it would save us well over $3,000... or even up to $12,000 because of how our insurance worked.  So, with that in mind, we decided that a football baby, or Christmas baby didn't sound quite so bad after all.

It took us 3 months of trying.  I didn't think I was pregnant, but it was time to take the test, so I woke up that morning before Rick left for work & took the test.  The test had the tiniest, most faint second line I had ever seen.  I knew that meant we probably were pregnant, but didn't want to be disappointed if it didn't.  Rick likes to be there when we take the tests, so I bought another test (since that was my last one) & waited the long day to take the test when he got home from work.  Sure enough, it was a stronger line this time. 

I was so surprised, but very excited.

Sure enough, the night we found out, my tiredness kicked in.  Oh, and did it hit me fast and hard.

I've had zero energy, and I mean zero.  I thought that I would be one of the 'lucky ones' who doesn't get sick when pregnant since I felt great when pregnant with Paige... I was wrong, oh was I wrong.  Almost every day of my first trimester I have spent most of the day on the recliner.  I've either had no energy or been so sick.  I feel so bad for Paige & Rick.  Just now I'm starting to do a tiny bit more.  I'm getting back to normal... slowly but surely.

I'm counting this as my official apology.  I've been MIA and have turned down get-togethers mostly because of how I've been feeling.  I'm so sorry!  I've missed seeing everyone and doing fun things with Paige.  I wanted to tell a lot of you in person, but wasn't able to.  Thanks for understanding & being patient with me! 

At my first doctor appointment, they did an ultrasound.  She said it was another wiggly baby (Paige is/was the wiggliest baby our drs had/have ever seen)... wish me luck!  :)

This baby is due December 19th (my brother's birthday), but my midwife said she would induce me on 12.12.12... I'm still considering it, but am kind of leaning towards it... we'll see.  I have months to decide.

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