Monday, July 30, 2012

The One With Quirky Monday - 'Quirks I Love'

Paige has been so much fun.  Part of the reason why I think she can be fun & cute is because of the funny things she does.  She's got some pretty unique quirks that make me love her even more.  Don't believe me... ask the dishes!  

  • I showed Paige how to put her hands in her pockets a month or so ago.  Now she always is walking with her hands in her pockets.  It melts my heart... I love it!

  • Paige is & has always crossed her legs when sitting.  I thought it would go away when she was a baby, but boy, am I glad it hasn't.  I don't know why (I must be a mom), but it makes me smile every time.

  •   Whenever Paige sees a hat, she has to wear it.  
July 2012
Feb 2012

  • Every night Paige has to tuck in her dolls & stuffed animals and give them all kisses.  She often sneaks more in, so sometimes the number of goodnight kisses is on the high side.  

  • Paige loves to be tucked in, and I mean really tucked in, at night... arms and all  (she looks miserable in the picture, but I promise, she was just tired) :)

Oh, this girl is too cute.  I sure adore her.  I hope our new baby has some fun quirks too!

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Carlye said...

Her quirks are adorable! I especially love the leg crossing.