Friday, February 8, 2013

The One About Baby Z's Big Day

We blessed Lindsey on Sunday.  It was a really nice day spent with lots of family.  It was also nice to finally have a home big enough to fit both of our large families. 

As the blessing got closer, I was of course excited, but I think I didn't give baby blessings enough credit... I must have forgotten how special it is to have your baby blessed.  It was so neat & I felt the spirit very strong during the blessing.  I know that God will help Lindsey a lot through her life. 

Paige was excited for Lindsey's big day.  We painted our nails & wore pretty dresses. 

Lindsey was so good for her blessing.  I thought for sure that she would cry during it & her binkie would go flying out of her mouth in the middle of it, but she didn't.  Rick held her & kept her asleep until right before the blessing.  She was awake for the whole thing & didn't make a peep.  When Rick brought her back to me, she fell right back asleep & stayed asleep for hours after.  Good girl Lindsey!

Oh yeah, and I eh... made her dress (with a lot of help!).  I saw this dress on Pinterest & decided I would never find one like it in the store, so I only had one other option... 

I haven't gotten the best picture of the dress, but I really like the way it turned out.  We had so many hiccups along the way (including her puking on it while trying it on, she grew too big for it, and the back of my scissors... you know where your hands go... cut a hole in the sleeve.  Just to name a few of the hiccups!).

I think I am taking a sewing vacation for a while :) 

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