Monday, March 11, 2013

Quirky Monday: The One With Things You Should Know About Paige If You're Gonna Be Her BFF

Last week I did things you should know about ME if you're gonna be my BFF, so this week it's Paige's turn.
 Things You Should Know About Paige If You're Gonna Be Her BFF

She talks about her grandmas EVERY day.  For some reason she thinks insists she has 5 grandmas. (She has 3, plus 4 great-grandmas).  She asks almost every day to go to grandma's house.  She often talks about grandma's dogs.

She NEEDS things in an orderly fashion/routine.

She counts to 7, but she skips the number 4.

She caught onto Santa this past Christmas & she still talks about him.  In fact, she still talks about him and often thanks Heavenly Father for him in her prayers.

She jokes with a straight face, but she's also a very serious person. (I didn't know kids could be so serious!) She has such a dry sense of humor already.

5 is her favorite number. (5 grandma's, 5 more songs at nap time...)

She loves pretending to be a dog.

She's a pretty patient & yet persistent 3 year old.

I'm so glad when daddy comes home is her favorite song.  She often asks me to play it on the computer over and over & each time we lay her down she asks me to sing some version of it (I'm so glad when ama comes home, Jerilyn comes home, Itney comes home, lalasey comes home, hohoho comes home, etc.).  Side note: My favorite is when she wants me to sing I'm so glad when mommy comes home because then she does all of the actions on me & gives me the best great big kiss ever.

She really, really likes it when someone sits next to her while she is on the potty.  Oh yeah, and she would sit there all day if you would let her.

She's pretty good at sharing.

She has always slept more than other kids her age.  I love it.

She LOVES to help.  Especially with laundry & dishes.

She's a daddy's girl.  Through & through.  She was from the minute she was born, too.  I can't explain it other than I could just see it
I would take a turn for Rick & Lindsey, but Z is a little young to do this & Rick... well, I know Rick well enough that he wouldn't want a post all about him.  :)  Oh yeah, and I love him enough not to do it.

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