Monday, May 20, 2013

The One With Quirky Monday - Things That Melt My Heart

Oh, Ms. Paige.  She is so sweet and adorable.  She has been doing things lately that make my heart happy, so once again, I decided I better post about them before I forgot about them forever (thank you mommy brain...)
Sometimes I call Lindsey 'Lindsey Lou Who'.  I taught Paige how to say that & all of a sudden she started calling me 'Mommy Lou Who' and Rick 'Dadda Lou Who'.  It's the best.  The following are my favorite times she uses those names:
     One morning she came in and said, "oh, good morning Dadda Lou Who" in a very adult, matter of fact way (she's never said good morning to us before that day).
     Sometimes Paige still thinks that I need to come and get her out of bed after naps (she doesn't need it in the morning anymore, so I don't know why she still does this for naps...).  I heard her talking after she woke up from a nap one day & as I was finishing what I was doing she yelled as loud as she could, "Mommy Lou Who!!!".
It makes me smile every time she calls us that.
Paige is not much of a touchy-feely kind of girl.  I often have to trick her into hugging me, or sometimes I make it a routine for her to hug me since she's such a routine girl (like I tell her she has to give me wake up hugs after naps and before she goes potty).  She was crying the other day (I assume she got hurt) and as she walked up to me she said in a sad voice, "momma, hug me".  Well melt my heart why dontcha... How can I NOT hug her in a situation like that?!
As I posted about before, I've been trying to get Paige to recognize her name & learn how to write it.  For Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation Day, we gave cards where she told me what to write.  I thought this would be cute & good practice if she tried to sign her name at the bottom of them.  I figured I'd have to help her, but she surprised me & wrote the 'P' all by herself.... for the first time without the dotted lines to guide her.  I was so proud of her.  I was really excited that it could be on the Mother's Day cards for the first time ever & that it would be a fun present.

We also sent out some more mail to some family members & I told her we needed to write her name at the bottom... once again she surprised me and wrote her whole name almost completely by herself.  I love it when she surprises me like that!
Isn't little kid handwriting just the best?!

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