Thursday, October 9, 2008

The One On Temple Square

Over conference weekend, I got the bug, once again, to take pictures. I have always wanted to take a picture for Rick of his favorite temple and enlarge it, so I thought I would give it a go (maybe for Christmas). It rained a lot over the weekend, and when it rains is always a beautiful time to take pictures. It stopped raining by Sunday afternoon, but Rick and I went up that evening before the sunset to play around. I am not sure I got "the picture" that I want to enlarge, but I'll play around with what I have and see. It was beautiful up there!

After that, we went up by Ensign Peak and enjoyed the view. It really was amazing!

It was quite the contrast to be right next to the grand Salt Lake Temple, then go up a bit higher and realize how tiny everything is, even the temple.

Even the U is so small ... Go Utes!!


Carlye said...

Wow, look at the nice layer of smog over the city . . I like the first Temple pic.

Mindy said...

I want to get a print of that first picture. Can you put it on a disc for me? It's lovely!!!

Michelle said...

Aw, thanks! Sure can, I will try to do that before tonight. I kind of wanted to do that one for Rick, but I probably won't.