Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Random One With The Exciting Updates

I am sitting here at midnight craving chocolate and watching Conan. Not so unusual, I know. But I am excited to eat lots of chocolate while passing out candy for Halloween. I decided I have a lot of little updates I could tell you about, and I haven't posted in a bit, so here we go!
I ordered my dress and should be receiving it in 2 weeks or so. I am pretty excited. It's a mermaid style. I already had my princess dress, and this time I wanted something sassy. It was difficult to find anything sassy and modest, but I sure lucked out with finding it... and at an amazing price! I found it for half of the price of renting a dress. Pretty excited.
Also, I am very excited for The Office tomorrow night. It should be pretty good. I am excited to see what Jim dresses up to be this year. The last Halloween episode, he dressed up as a 3-hole punch. Classic. Thank heaven for the internet and for friends that record it for me. I always have to work Thursday nights. Bummer.

I am now a t-mobile customer. That was an exciting one for me. I miss my old phone. T-mobile will save us a ton of money though, so I'm always up for saving money.
I took my ring in to be sized. I miss it, but I found some good bling to wear until I get it back.
I got hit on by several men today... odd how it happens all at once... and when I was wearing a really big ring. I wasn't even wearing makeup... weird... the waiter at dinner asked for my number. I always wanted to give a guy Rick's number when they ask for mine, but Magyn talked me into being a bit nicer, so I gave him another Michelle's phone number.
Today, Magyn and I went to the mall after dinner and some girl selling cell phone covers started talking about how she cheated on her boyfriend. Pretty odd! Too much info!
I am starting a wedding post that I am pretty excited about. I will post the address shortly, hopefully.
The Jazz won tonight! WOOT! I am proud of them. They seem to be on top of things this season (and pre-season). I am pretty sure, though, that they won because I was wearing my Korver shirt all day. He got a hair cut, I noticed. Looked good, as always!

I think that's about it.
Wow, what a week!


The Pumpkin said...

Can't wait for your wedding blog!
I haven't ever seen the office (because of work and school) but the three hole punch outfit is awesome! It cracked me up.

Mindy said...

I'm excited to see your dress!