Saturday, November 8, 2008

The One Where My Dreams Came True

My dreams came true last night... well, one of them! A select few people were allowed into an autograph signing with Kyle Korver last night after the game. And when I say a select few, I mean 3 whole sections full of people ended up coming! We waited for about an hour till they called us up. Ah, I was thrilled and on cloud 9 :)

Rick and I are waiting patiently. 3 whole sections of people, and we had to sit next to the loudest and most anoying one of the group, and the stinkiest one of the group sat right in front of us :)

During the game, I got really hungry and got some nachos... if you don't believe me look at the spot on my shirt I was going to have him sign.

Ah! I finally got to meet him. He looked me in the eyes even!

I have to have some sort of dorky picture of myself! It's policy.

Oh, and in case you are wondering... yes, I know it seems impossible, but yes, he is more gorgeous in real life than on tv.


Carlye said...

You're a huge dork . . .haha! He is rather good looking though.

Mindy said...

Don't disown me, but I had to google Kyle Korver to find out who he is. Apparently, I'm the dork!

Michelle said...

He is rather good looking... and Mindy! I am so sad! But, at least you know now!

Mindy said...

Cool! - MaKenna Bobenna