Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The One With The Question

I need your help!

Hi friends! Even though we don't have a date (we are still waiting on paperwork and on letters from the former spouses), I am still a girl, and still trying to get new ideas for the wedding. We will most likely just have a brunch (no reception) or something along those lines after the ceremony, but I am curious. I want to know what the most creative thing you have seen done at a wedding or reception. Or even something you did at your wedding and were happy you did. I am thinking I might fold some cootie catchers (remember those!?!) and put them in a glass jar for people to take.


That may be the extent of my "reception-ness" but we will see! I am mostly stuck on a guest book. I bought the cutest card that ideally, I would like to put on the cover of a creative album for people to sign, but I am having a really hard time finding an album that would fit it. Any ideas?

I also saw the cutest idea for a wedding album, you get some old vintage post cards and have people write notes on the back for you.


What are some things you have enjoyed seeing?


The Pumpkin said...

Hey cute girl!
I think your ideas sound super cute!
Sadly, I don't think I've been to many weddings you haven't been to as well so I don't really have ideas. I'll let you know if I hear of or see anything cool though.

Mindy said...

Hey! this is MaKenna I don't have any sugestions, but I just know that your wedding will rock!!! (Well it won't really rock, but it'll be Pretty cool!) See ya!