Monday, July 13, 2009

The One Where I Am 9 Weeks Pregnant

Dear baby,
I am still in shock that I have you growing inside of me! You are about 1 inch long from head to rump. You are 9 weeks, and I go to see the doctor in 2 more weeks. I am so excited to hear your heart beat!
So far, you've been great to me and daddy! You haven't caused any problems, and I am most grateful for no morning sickness!! We are so excited to get to meet you in February. I think about you constantly. I am already protective of you, and want to give you the best. Your dad and I almost don't talk about anything but you and our future with you. You have certainly caused some excitement in our little family.

Love You Always,
Mommy :)


Jessie Moore said...

Ok seriously this is so sweet. So dang happy for you!!! :)

Carlye said...

Aw, cute little letter. I love it. I'm so excited for you guys!