Monday, May 24, 2010

The One With Paige's Big Day!

We blessed Paige yesterday. I apologise to those of you who didn't know about it. We decided to keep it as small as possible, since both of our immediate families are so big. We ended up having about 70 people come (that's a lot of family!). I was a little bit stressed at times about how many people were coming, but it all worked out. We changed the location of where we'd have treats three times because of weather and finding out how many people were coming. She had little white shoes, that fell off a few times, so I stuffed cotton balls in the toes to keep them on. Her dress was a 2XS, and it fit her perfectly. Thankfully Rick got her to sleep minutes before blessing her, so she was quiet for her beautiful blessing, and slept the rest of the meeting. She looked so dang cute too :)

Before she was born, two of Rick's aunts gave her the cutest bracelet (can you see it below?) that has white and red beads, so we both painted our nails red. :)

Tomorrow marks the first of 3 family weddings we have within a month of each other, so Paige and I will paint our nails pink today. I'll post pictures after yet another big day.

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Hall Family said...

Cute pictures! Glad it was such a special day!! :)