Friday, March 2, 2012

The One With Photo Friday - 'Photo Dump'

My new favorite blog does a 'Friday Phone Photo Dump" where she posts all of her cell pictures from the week into one post.  Since February was busy as could be with Paige's birthday, lots of doctor visits, playdates & me working I decided I should do my own version of Friday Photo Dump.
I'll call it 
'February Photo Dump on Friday.'

The main event of February was Paige's birthday.  For her birthday, we didn't have a party, but I still wanted to do something fun for her.  Rick & I blew up balloons to fill her room with (she didn't love it as much as I hoped she would), and I took her to Jump Around Utah while Rick went to work.  We had a few friends come join us (I didn't get pictures of all of them), and it was lots of fun.  Paige loved to pose & 'smile pretty' for lots of pictures.  After Paige's nap & after Rick got home from his last Saturday of working for the year, we blew bubbles (she loved them), then had my parents over for dinner & cake.  It was a really fun day, filled with lots of fun, people we love & a fun, happy birthday girl.  We later had a couple of family parties with Rick's side of the family for her.  

As for the rest of February, we went for walks, tried out Paige's new potty, fed millions (okay, not millions, but almost 100) of ducks (there were so many ducks I had to stop taking pictures because they were walking between my feet & trying to eat bread from Paige that she hadn't thrown yet)...

... took lots of funny pictures, went to the park, visited lots of doctors (which Paige was SOOO good at each of them), played doctor 20 times, had slurpees from Target, & went to the zoo.  And those are just the things I got pictures of...

Who knew you could cram in so much into such a short month, but it sure has been fun for us.  

please excuse the cell phone pictures.  My battery died in my camera this month & I'm waiting for it to come.


PS. anytime Paige sees a camera pointed at her she 'smiles pretty'... it's the funniest and cutest smile ever. 

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