Monday, February 27, 2012

The One With Paige's Ultrasound

Once again updates are easiest put here for family & friends.

Paige had another doctor's appointment this morning as per her geneticist's request.  This appointment was for an ultrasound on her (not me!)  ;) .  I've been debating all morning whether I should post about this appointment today, or wait until she has more (unrelated) tests done next week, but I decided no one likes a big long post (oops, like her last update :) ) with no pictures, so I would break them up.

To sum up the ultrasound from this morning (I'll spare you all of the details), we don't have as many answers as I was hoping for.  In fact, we have a lot more questions now.  I don't have an update on her ovaries (relating to BPE), but they did find out that her uterus is split into two sections.  I don't think this is related to her BPE.  From what I gather it does not mean she's not fertile (assuming her ovaries are okay), but she will likely will have a hard time getting pregnant & maybe even staying pregnant.  I am so glad that we could find this out now, instead of if & when she tried to get pregnant when she's older.

From what the radiologist says there's nothing they will do for her now regarding her split uterus.  I guess it's something they deal with as they get older, but I'm waiting to hear back from her pediatrician (who asked me to call her after each test... she's great!), and not expecting... but hoping for a call from her geneticist for more information.  Otherwise, we will go on with other tests and meet up with the geneticist again in June. 

I feel like we take one step forward and two steps backwards sometimes.  Although it is frustrating to keep getting these weird, random results, I am so glad for them.  I feel like we are slowly getting to where we need to be with all of this.

***UPDATE  The geneticist called me this morning (Tuesday) & said they don't know for sure if the object they originally thought was an ovary on her left side is actually an ovary.  She might not have any ovaries, so she is sending us to another specialist (because of this and many other things they found on the ultrasound).  They might not be able to get all of the info pieced together until Paige is a teenager, though.  Her pediatrician says the odds are not in her favor to be able to have kids.  As usual, I will update on here as we get more info.

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