Friday, February 3, 2012

The One With Photo Friday - "Hands"

for today's Photo Friday, I chose

only because this happened the other day...

That's what the hand of a mom looks like...  nails with remnants of polish on them & writing all over my hand from my cute daughter.

instagram style story board... click to see larger

I showed Paige how to trace our hands & this was the first time she actually wanted to do it (when I made the grandparent's day card & had to have Rick hold her hand down so I could trace it).  Infact she liked it so much, she wanted to trace my hand too.  I helped her the first time, then I thought I would see how well she did on her own.  :)  I guess I should have known better.  After she saw that she had drawn on my hand, I caught her drawing on her own hand.  I like her a lot & I have more & more fun with her every day.

please don't judge my cell phone taking abilities (rather, disabilities).  :)

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The Pumpkin said...

You two are so cute. You are a great mom :)