Monday, March 5, 2012

The One With Quirky Monday - 'Quirks I Love'

Paige has some of the cutest quirks possible.  I love her for having them & being her.  Today's Quirks I Love are mostly about Paige's funny fears.  Paige is kind of a chicken (she totally got that from me), and I'm okay with that.  I'd rather have a chicken child than a brave & exploratory child (is that a word?) that I have to watch even more carefully.  Does that make me a lazy parent??

Anywho... back to Paige.  She makes me laugh so much and lots of the time it's because of her fears.

  • Most recently I gave Paige her first bubble bath a month or so ago.  She was afraid of the bubbles coming her way.   Don't worry, now she loves them and asks for them every bath now.
Paige 'smiling pretty' in a bubble bath.  March 2012.

  • When extended family gives Paige a bath, they always want to squirt water in her face.  She always squirms & makes faces.  (I know, this might not be much of a fear, but it fit okay here... see below...)
  • Lots of months ago, I bought Paige this step stool so she could play her keyboard better.  She was afraid to get off of it without help from me.  Even though the step stool is like 5 inches tall, and she can hold onto the keyboard to support her.
  • Paige seems to be afraid of heights (just like me too!).  Every time someone puts her on their shoulders she gets a scared look in her eyes and frantically tries to find me to let me know she wants down. 
  • Rick & I blew up a bunch of balloons for Paige to wake up to & play with on her birthday, but we ran out of hot air (believe it or not), and had a few balloons left over.  Rick has recently started blowing one of them up & letting the air blow back out onto her face.  She gets so excited when he starts blowing it up, but then she gets so scared when he points it to her face.  She's never seemed to like things in her face (see above), or people close to her face.  That's too intrusive to her bubble I guess.
  • The other day I was driving Paige home & she was whining (she's usually an angel in the car).  In order to distract her, I rolled down one of the back windows a crack.  She instantly was startled & made a scared face.  I'm laughing just thinking about it again.  Then, she kept pointing to the other back window (telling me she wanted me to roll that one down too.  I gladly obliged, and she did had the exact same reaction as she did with the first window.  We tried it again with dad in the car later & she did the exact same thing (asking for the second window and all).  

*disclaimer... I know not all of these are quirks or even fears, but it seems like the best place to put them because Paige is so darn cute I don't want to forget about these things.

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