Monday, January 21, 2013

The One With Quirky Monday - 'Quirks I Love'

It's been a while since I did a quirky Monday post.  I keep thinking of funny things that Paige has been doing that I don't want to forget, so I thought I better do one again.

Why is it always so funny when kids say words that sound like swear words?  Here are some of the things she says, but I'll let you decide what naughty word it sounds like the most ;)
  • Paige says mouse bowl (referring to a Minnie mouse bowl she got for Christmas)
  • Zip
  • Down
  • (there are more, but I forget!!!!)  :(

Paige likes to tell us things we already know, and she likes to repeat it several times (especially if we don't respond the way she wants us to)

My phone makes a whistling sound when i get a message, and every time Paige says, 'Momma phone' & makes a whistling noise... every time.

Paige likes to take her time eating breakfast and going potty every morning. Like it takes over an hour to complete both of them.

Paige likes to tell us the order things are going to happen in. (When we are all done eating, we will take a nap, then play)

She's been a great big sister and likes to give Lindsey her binkie and throw away her diapers.

If i am ever not right next to my phone or my water, Paige will bring them to me.

Paige has a crazy good memory.  She's constantly telling me things that she remembers (especially if she's watched it on tv...).  The other day (when we were playing with her favorite toy, her play food) she reminded me that we went to go get donuts after she got an owie in her leg (a shot) at the doctors.  She was referring to when we got her flu shot... like in October or something.  I had forgotten all about that.

Paige is always telling us how many we have of something.  '2 mirrors', '3 heat vents', '3 grandmas'.

Every time we lay her down for a nap or bed, she has us turn around (as we are walking out) so she can show us that her eyes are closed (more like squinty).  So funny and cute.

She keeps getting more and more fun each day.  She loves to make us laugh by doing silly things.  I love that I can post them here so that I won't forget them completely.

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DeRosa080208 said...

Paige is seriously the cutest!