Friday, January 25, 2013

The One With Photo Friday... The Baby Version

When Paige was born, it was very obvious that she was Rick's daughter.  Mine... not so much.  When I was talking about it one day, my dad joked and said, "what, are you worried she's not yours?"  It's a lot more obvious now that she's my daughter.  

When Lindsey came, we had a harder time deciding who she looked like.  We would get glimpses of lots of people depending on the angle.  Finally, we decided she looked the most like me (and my sister when she was a baby) and my dad.

I made Rick pull out his baby box this week so that we could find some of his baby pictures.  We didn't have as many to pick from as I was hoping, but we did get one pretty good one.  The pictures below are of all 4 of us, less than a month old.  

I was surprised at how much Lindsey looks like Rick (not tons, but more than I saw before), and how much Lindsey & Paige look alike... I didn't really see that one coming either.

Can you guess who is who??  It shouldn't be too hard...

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