Friday, January 4, 2013

The One With December's Friday Photo Dump

December started out with lots of celebrating & preparing for Christmas.  I tried to get as many Christmas presents & baby preparations done as early as possible.  Rick's family kidnapped Paige & took her to see the lights at Temple Square & to the Festival of Trees.  I could tell she loved it.  Later, as it got closer to my due date, (and less of a risk of delivering early since I was having so many contractions), Rick & I ventured out & took Paige to Temple Square again.

Each time we got in the car this month, we would look for Christmas lights.  Paige would say, 'more ho ho!' each time she saw some.  Rick enjoyed teaching Paige all about Santa & then for the rest of the month she would tell us all about how he will come down the chimney, fill our stockings & leave us presents.  Each time a stranger mentioned my belly, she would tell them (in her own way) about how after Lindsey comes, Santa will come.  She was really excited (this girl has way too good of a memory!).

Of course, Lindsey came on the 11th, witch was such a neat experience, but I missed Paige like crazy.   

I know for sure that Paige had fun with some of her grandmas while I was in the hospital, but I could also see some unsure-ity (for lack of better word) in her face & it made me even more excited & anxious to get home with her.  Paige is no doubt a routine kind of girl & we shook up her routine.

Paige has had only a couple of days of not listening quite as well, but she quickly got back to her normal self again.  I know it might come & go, but it sure has been nice to have her back.

The Saturday after Lindsey was born, Santa came to Grandma Jaleen's house!  He comes each year & it's one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  I usually take the pictures of it, but since I had just had a baby, Jaleen asked my friend Carlye to come take pictures for us.  I'll post more of those pictures when we get them, but she did send me this adorable one...

The kids also decorated gingerbread cookies that day.  Paige loved the whole day.

Carlye also took pictures of Lindsey for us... although this isn't one of her pictures (it's a good old cell pic), I still had to post it, cuz I love it...

Santa also came to my extended family's Christmas party & brought presents.  For as excited as Paige has been about Santa coming, she seemed so expressionless each time she saw him this month.  She wasn't excited, but she wasn't scared either.  It was kind of funny.

Thanks to my cousin's husband for taking the pictures...

On Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with some of Rick's family.  We watched home videos & had a good time.  When we got home we set out a plate of cookies & milk (another thing Paige often talked about) for Santa before putting Paige to bed.  It was so fun to set up Christmas that night (helping Santa, of course).  It was fun to see everything laid out perfectly.

Paige loved Christmas morning.  Santa brought her a play kitchen & some dishes to go with it.  Later that day, she played with it for 2 hours straight while Rick & I had a nap.  She didn't even care that we weren't playing with her (she usually includes us in most of her playing).  She has played with it every day since then.

After Christmas morning at our house, we did the rounds.  We went to Rick's mom's house, my parents house, then later that night to Rick's dad's house.  I think it was as perfect of a Christmas as they come.  I loved every minute of it, from watching Paige, to spending so much time with our families.

And because I'm mom of the year, the only picture I got on Christmas day, Lindsey's first Christmas, was this cell phone picture... :)

A few days later, Rick & Paige both got sick with a stomach bug.  They both have been such troopers.  Since Lindsey is so new, we've had to be extra, extra cautious not to get her sick.  So far, so good... let's hope it stays that way.  

We've had a great month & we feel so happy & blessed.  I know that after having a baby, lots of women get baby blues, but so far I have just been on cloud 9 (okay, maybe not on cloud 9 for a couple of the night feedings, but besides that)... knock on wood...  Although we originally hoped not to have a December baby, I have loved having a new baby this time of year.  I feel like it's my Christmas present from God (not to sound cheesy...), and it's reminded me often of our Savior.  It has been so neat.  The only thing I don't like about having a new baby this time of  year is worrying that she might get sick.  

I hope all of you have had a great month with your families, too!

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