Sunday, April 21, 2013

The One About The Apraxia Walk

Yesterday we had our Apraxia Walk for Paige.  It was so much fun!

We had 30 people register for the walk & we raised $890 for Team Paige... amazing!  Originally when I found out about the walk, I just thought it would be Rick, Paige, Lindsey & myself, so I was thrilled when the numbers kept growing.

I cannot get over how supportive everyone has been.  We had lots of people who couldn't make it who even donated money for Apraxia.  That was so generous of so many people!  I feel so blessed to have been surrounded by so many people who love Paige.

Our day started out very cold & wet.  Luckily, towards the end of the day, it warmed up quite a bit & ended up being a pretty nice day!

We wanted to have a little Team Paige pride, so I put my thinking cap on.  Paige & Rick like to wear bandannas  so we bought bandannas for everyone on our team & made some really cute sign language thank you cards to attach to the bandannas as a thank you present of sorts...

We also brought t-shirt markers because I wanted everyone on our team to sign her t-shirt.  Some of us also wrote Team Paige on the back of our shirts, too.  Brittany (Paige's aunt) made a little boo boo... can you see it on one of the pictures below??  Funny! 

I was hoping to get pictures of Paige with everyone who came, but I failed on that one.  Oh well, I did get the following pictures, though...

 Here's the majority of our team... 

And of course we have to do a silly picture, too!

And then it was off on the actual walk.

Thank you again, so much to everyone who came &/or donated.  My heart is so full of appreciation for you!

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