Monday, February 9, 2009

The One With The Good Weekend

On Friday, before my boss told us to go home early (I LOVE early days... especially early Fridays!), he threw a large bill on my desk and told me it was my drinking money (even though he knows I don't drink). Yes, I do have a great job!
On Saturday, Rick and I were planning on going up to a cabin with some friends of his family, but someone got sick, so they decided not to go. Rick and I still wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go to Wendover. We drove the 2 hours out there, and started our fun. We started with our favorite . . . roulette. As we had been sitting there for a bit (I was doing pretty well... I always do... I have a talent for gambling) :) a couple came, didn't even sit down, and put $50 on the greens (which RARELY get hit). They won! It was pretty cool that the only hand they played, they won big.

A little while later a girl came up that was new to the game (beginners luck... I don't get it!) so we were watching her bets the whole time, sometimes following her. She was betting on the same 4 spots on the inside every time. She made some comment about that she had to bet on 30, because that is how old she is. So, without thinking one bit, I said, "Oh! I am 22!" so I put $4 on 22. BAM! I won! It was so fun! I loved it. Needless to say, we almost tripled my drinking money, thanks to my boss!


Carlye said...

That's awesome!

Jen said...

Way fun! I prefer black jack but I don't know when to stop. I win a lot and quadruple my money and then get back to where I started because I stay too long. Oh well.

The Pumpkin said...

Sounds fun! I love roulette!

PS. Your boss rocks!

Becky said...

I gambled for the first time this summer when we somehow ended up in Vegas. We DID NOT win...stupid blackjack.

It sounds like you really fun weekend. And your job rocks!