Saturday, February 7, 2009

The One With One Of My Cute Nephews!

So, today I am trying to take as many classes online as possible (my boss is paying for me to go to school to become an agent). I am having a hard time finding time and motivation lately to get it done. :) In order to make it more interesting, I decided to blog while I listen.
The other day I baby sat some of my nephews so my brother and his wife could go to the temple. This cute little one kept making me smile all night. I caught him drinking straight out of the carton of chocolate milk, then playing with my (only) pair of pointy toed heels.

He always loves for me to take pictures of him, and since I lost my point and shoot camera (I'm so sad! Does anyone know where it is?!) I just use my camera on my phone. One time a while ago, I went to watch his brother sing at a school Christmas concert, he wanted me to take pictures of inside his mouth. So he did the same for me.

He's such a stud! I love all of my cute nieces and nephews! They make me so happy! Being an aunt is the best.

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